Immune supporting foods

Tips To Support Your Immune System

We have put together our top tips for supporting your immune system without making it complicated or introducing a trolley full of new products!



  1. Top Up Your Vitamin C

This essential vitamin encourages the production of white blood cells and helps them function. According to the NHS, adults aged 19 to 64 need 40mg of vitamin C a day. To get your daily intake of Vitamin C, good sources are strawberries, broccoli, oranges and blackcurrants.

Our Superberries is fortified with nutrients and is high in Vitamin C, also Super Protein is a great source of Vitamin C. Simply add a teaspoon to your smoothie or recipe.


  1. Eat Your 5-a-day

It is important to try and eat healthily, having at least 5 portions of different fruits or vegetables a day. Fruit and vegetables are high in antioxidants and full of natural vitamins and minerals. Our Green Boost and Supergreens powders give you your fruit & veg fix, packed with a range of nutrient dense greens.


  1. Try Turmeric

This super spice has been found to support the immune system as well as all of its other great benefits! We have the perfect capsules for you with 1000mg of organic turmeric per serving. Simply take 2 a day with a glass of cold water.


  1. Supplement with Spirulina

It has been found that Spirulina has great immune boosting properties, even against viral infections, in a recent study. This superfood is one of our favourites and is super easy to take with our Organic Spirulina Capsules.


  1. Stay Hydrated

Good hydration improves mood, energy levels and immunity. Drink at least six to eight glasses of still water a day. Add some refreshing fruits or our Superfoods powders to ‘pimp your drink’ and make it more appealing.


  1. Take Care of Your Gut

Did you know that roughly 70% of your immune system is based in your gut? Stress, lack of sleep and anxiety can wreak havoc on your gut microbiome and in turn, lower the immune defences. Try stress-busting activities like yoga or meditation and aim to eat a range of different wholefoods to nourish the gut flora.

You could also try Digestive Boost which contains live cultures, digestive enzymes and fibre along with gut-nourishing Superfoods to help in times of need.


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