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Keeping Healthy During Travels: Your Superfoods Strategy

Summertime signals vacation, and the season for the next big adventure. Whether it’s a quick weekend getaway or an international escapade, travelling often disrupts our normal routines, including our healthy eating habits. But fear not, explorers, because it doesn’t have to be this way.

Here are a few tips to ‘Keeping Healthy During Travels’. At Bioglan Superfoods, we aim to ensure that even when you are miles away from your kitchen, you can still enjoy the benefits of a balanced, nutrient-rich diet.

Know Your Destination: Foodie Edition

Understanding the food culture of your destination is vital to keeping healthy during your travels. Simple online research on typical local cuisines can be a fantastic starting point that helps identify potential dietary triggers, so that you can plan your meals accordingly.

Pack A Power-Packed Snack

Sometimes hunger strikes when we least expect it. Carry a power-packed snack to ward off those sudden hunger pangs and avoid unhealthy options. Nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and our Bioglan Superberries blend are easy to carry and rich in nutrients. Loaded with the power of berries, such as goji, acai, and blueberries, this immune supporting blend offers an explosion of antioxidants along with Vitamin C, K and Manganese.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

We cannot emphasize this enough! Staying hydrated is essential to keep your body functioning optimally. Water, herbal teas, and fresh juices are all good options. However, try to avoid caffeinated drinks as they may dehydrate you. Remember, you can mix 2 teaspoons (10g) of our Bioglan Superfoods Superberries with 200 – 300ml of water for a great tasting, nutritious drink any time of the day.

Embrace Local Produce

When possible, opt for meals that incorporate local fruits and vegetables. Not only do you get a taste of the region’s uniqueness, but also ensure your body gets a variety of nutrients. Remember, diversity in diet helps foster a healthy gut microbiome.


Mindful Eating: The Art of Savouring

Amid the thrill of exploring a new place, we sometimes end up eating mindlessly, leading to overeating and discomfort. Slow down, enjoy every bite, appreciate the different flavours, and listen to your body.


Let Superfoods Sneak into Your Meals

Just like a superhero, superfoods can be your saviour during your travel escapades. Convenient to carry, these nutrient powerhouses, like our Bioglan Superfoods Digestive Boost blend, can be easily sneaked into your morning smoothies or cold drinks. Rich in fibre and 500 million live cultures, this blend supports digestion, helping balance those delightful, yet sometimes rich, restaurant meals.

Sleep: Your Body’s Recharge Mechanism

Despite the excitement of exploring a new destination, remember to rest. Sleep allows your body to recover, repair, and rejuvenate, ensuring you’re ready for your next day’s adventure.

Embarking on a journey need not compromise your health. With these tips and our Bioglan Superfood blends at hand, you are all set to explore the world while maintaining your vitality. So, here’s to your health and adventures! Au revoir!

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