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MY HEALTHY SNACKING TIPS One of the toughest ways to stay on track with a healthy lifestyle is when those between meal snack attacks suddenly appear. You know the feeling…the rumbling tummy…and then the desire to reach for the first bar of chocolate you see on the shelf! This can be especially difficult when you’re running around all day, but trust me, there are some easy ways to hack the snack! Whether you’re looking for the perfect snack to refuel your workout, or are just plain old frustrated at how often you get the nibbles this post will help you, and give you some of my top tricks and tips for everyday healthy snacking. I’ve put together my top tips for snacking and how to incorporate my favourite Superfoods from Bioglan, to give you the best possible energy boost.


Hunger’s a funny thing. Did you know that the growling feeling we get after about 4 hours of eating is actually our body going into detox mode? I know, right?! I was really surprised when I first heard that. It’s actually a really important process, because detoxification helps our body to clear out any gunk that might be slowing us down. But this whole detox thing means that most of us probably need to relearn the way we think about hunger and snacking.

I used to snack all day long (usually on very sugary things!) and it just made me feel so lethargic. True hunger is a sensation quite similar to thirst, and the ‘hunger’ we’re so used to satiating is often related to boredom, stress or emotion of some kind. If you get hungry a couple of hours after a meal, try waiting 20 minutes, having a glass of water, or going for a walk to see if the hunger subsides.



Eating healthily can be difficult enough when you have a kitchen full of goodies, but when you’re running around all day and suddenly get starving, it’s so easy to grab the first thing that you see. I like to make sure I always have some snacks on hand wherever I am. I make a batch of my mulberry and apricot bars every week and keep them in a glass jar whenever I need a pick me up. I usually make double batches and freeze them so I never get caught short for a sweet, delicious and nutritious snack. And don’t forget fruit! Not only is it nature’s candy, it’s pretty much the easiest, most readily available grab-and-go food there is!



As a ballet dancer, I’ve always counted that as my sole form of exercise, along with pilates and yoga which I absolutely adore. Recently I’ve been recovering from an injury and in the hope of getting back into shape, upping my stamina and simply just feeling like myself again I joined the gym. After my first swimming and sauna sess I noticed the amount of protein shakes and energy shots they sold, all of which were pretty darn un-natural! When it comes to pre and post workout foods the balance of protein and low GI carbohydrates are key. I love my peanut butter protein smoothie and banana slices, yum!



We’re really lucky in London with all the amazing companies coming onto the market that are offering super healthy, on the go options for snacking. I love finding new products that I can just throw in my bag. Right now I’m loving my Sassy’s Flapjack from my snack range to help me get through the busiest of days.



There’s absolutely nothing wrong with an indulgence every now and then. I’m a total chocolate fiend, and when I first changed my diet, I got really upset at the idea of having to cut out my favourite treats. But then I learnt that pure, unrefined chocolate is actually a superfood and can be used to make delicious snacks that taste decadent AND love my body! Try making a thick and creamy caramel protein smoothie, and snack without the guilt!



Whether you’re opting for a smoothie, or some homemade energy balls add in some Bioglan superfoods! Not only does this raise the nutritional stakes, but can enhance the taste too. I’m a huge fan of their baobab or cacao for something tasty and nutritious. Here are a few examples of recipes to use them!


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