Pancake Day Recipes

With Shrove Tuesday around the corner, we’re getting our pancake pans at the ready. Sweet versus savoury is a hot debate every year, but at Bioglan Superfoods we’re team both. With that in mind we’ve rounded up some of our favourite vegan and vegetarian recipes that will satisfy everyone. Happy flipping!

Vegan Oat and Banana Pancakes with Superberries Compote 

If you like to include one of your 5-a-day in your pancakes, then try our Vegan Oat and Banana Pancakes. We’ve created a compote using our Superberries blend, to give an extra berry burst.

Ombre Pancakes with Superberries

Give your pancakes a pop of colour with our Ombre Pancakes with Superberries. Not only do they look amazing, but our Superberries blend adds a tasty berry flavour.

Vegan Savoury Pancakes with Beauty Protein

Topped with vegan yoghurt, avocado and tomatoes, you must try our Vegan Savoury Pancakes with Beauty Protein. These pancakes are super fluffy and delicious, we love them.

Brunch Pancakes with Green Boost

For a healthier spin on a classic, look no further than these Brunch Pancakes with Green Boost. They’re gluten free and full of veggie goodness including iron and vitamin B12. Customise these by adding your favourite cheese on top or adding different herbs.

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