Meet our Superfoods Ambassadors

Amanda Hamilton

Amanda has been one of the UK's most established nutrition experts for almost two decades with a career that's included more than eight internationally syndicated TV series and four books, the latest of which became a number one Amazon best-seller. Last year she was named as one of the UK's top five "super-nutritionists" - able to impact both day-to-day and long-term health with practical, professional advice. She's a busy working mother of two children and competes internationally in sport.

Pamela Higgins

Meet Pamela! A Manchester based freelance healthy recipe developer with a passion for creating delicious #IndulgingInnocently treats with plenty of free-from and vegan options. Pamela is a mum to a 3 year old with another baby on the way and has a huge love for music, fitness and the outdoors. Find her creations over on @spamellab.

Cookie Dough Chocolate Cups

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Josh & Sarah

Josh & Sarah

Two adventure-loving foodies, Josh and Sarah are based in the hills of North Yorkshire and are passionate about vegan food and the outdoors. They like to spend as much time as possible in nature working up a sweat and appetite for their homemade, energy-crammed snacks. 

Their favourite products are the Maca tablets which they take each morning to give a boost of energy throughout the day, and Cacao Boost which Josh mixes into his breakfast smoothie along with banana, oats, sultanas, peanut butter and oat milk. It's also the perfect ingredient for their Raw Cacao Bars. 

Shona O'Donnell

Shona O'Donnell

Shona is a self confessed foodie, food for her is something of an obsession. Her favourite Superfoods product is Flax and Chia wholesome milled superfood sprinkle. It’s high in protein which helps maintain and grow muscle mass for all the workouts she does so she can eat more, and it's super versatile. She loves to add it to salads, granola and roasted veggies. As an East Londoner by choice, she loves to discover new places to eat and takes real pride in making great recommendations for all sorts of occasions. You can find her on all the socials @ShonaO.

Nicola Papademetriou

Meet Nicola! She loves food and fitness. Nicola is a massive believer in balanced, intuitive eating & eating everything in moderation. Nicola naturally loves to eat clean, cook, bake & treat herself daily.

Nicola’s favourite products have been the Wheatgrass & Digestive Boost, as they are so tasty. Her personal favourite to cook with has been the Cacao.

Chocolate Meringue

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Victoria Sully

Victoria is a 35 year-old busy mum of two primary school aged children, Bella and Reuben, and a wife to Ben. She is passionate about eating healthily and follows a plant-based vegan diet. In fact, they are a vegan family!

Victoria uses Superfoods every day to boost her health and loves experimenting with new smoothie recipes. Her favourite Bioglan Superfoods product is Superberries. This is because the powder smells like strawberry bubble gum and makes a delicious smoothie bowl with frozen banana, frozen strawberry, coconut milk and a sprinkle of desiccated coconut to finish!

Isabelle Brouwers

Isabelle’s purpose in life is undeniably ballet, but she also posses many other great passions, among which are writing, psychology and cooking! Isabelle completed a Diploma in Sports Nutrition and loves experimenting with healthy recipe ideas!

Isabelle believes Bioglan’s Superfood products are wonderfully versatile and incredibly nutritious additions to any meals! Her personal favourite is the Beauty Protein and Organic Cacao Powder, which she uses every morning in porridge to add a healthy protein boost and indulgent chocolate flavour to her breakfast.

Laura Dawn Pyatt

Laura is a Die-hard Foodie, Brunch Blogger, Recipe/Content Creator, Fitness enthusiast and Professional Musical Theatre Performer. Her blog - @BrunchInPairs was created to be her own little scrapbook for recipes and reviews of her favourite places to eat all around the world.

Laura has worked with Bioglan Superfoods to create yummy recipes for the past few months – Her desire is to prove that you can create delicious, comforting, healthy meals leaving you full and satisfied, without all the guilt. Her favourite Bioglan Superfood products are Digestive Boost & Cacao Boost. You can add either of these to almost any sweet breakfast and it bursts with flavour whilst also giving you that extra goodness.

Protein Smoothie Bowl

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