Why We Should Be Eating More Acai

Acai berries, renowned superfruits originating from the rainforests of South America, have long been used by indigenous tribes of the region to boost energy and treat ailments.

It is actually acai’s signature deep purple colour that makes it so super. Acai is full of anthocyanins – which are responsible for the red and purple colours in many foods – and the rule is, the richer and darker the colour, the better the benefits – so acai is a strong contender for the most super superfruit.

Here’s why acai makes us feel bright, healthy and superpowered:

It Reduces Tiredness

Acai is rich in vitamin B2 which helps to prevent tiredness and fatigue. It is also packed with calcium and iron which contributes to energy-yielding metabolism. This doesn’t just sound fantastic, it actually means you get ‘pick-me-up’ moments throughout the day.

It Supports Your Immune System

The vitamin A found in acai helps maintain your immune system which keeps you healthier by building up a strong defence against nasties. Great peace of mind as the colder months and their dreaded lurgies approach – just reach for the acai to help you fight them off!

It’s Great For Your Digestive Health

Also full of fibre which aids digestion and helps to move other foods along the digestive tract, acai is brilliant for your digestive health, too. The calcium found in acai berries also contributes to the body’s digestive enzymes, so it keeps tummies very happy indeed.

It Prevents Oxidative Stress

A great source of wonder vitamin C, acai protects our cells from oxidative damage (toxic effects which damage body cells). It’s super berry strength offers a very high ORAC value (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) which protects cells from harm and keeps us healthy.

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