Superfood Mojito: Booze-Free & Delicious

There’s nothing quite like the taste of a mojito to remind you of summer – even if it seems a long way off in the January chill. But mojitos don’t tend to be New Year’s Resolution-compatible… Until now.



Whether you made a Dry January pledge and are in need of something to keep your spirits up, or just fancy a booze-free liquid treat, this super-food packed mocktail is sure to hit the spot. We’ve twisted the classic mojito, swapping out the rum for a dash of Bioglan Superfoods Acai + Berry powder, doing a much better job than liquor at helping you beat stress and energy slumps.


Cocktail shakers at the ready, team!



You’ll need…

10ml elderflower cordial

250ml soda water

1 tsp Bioglan Superfoods Acai + Berry powder

Squeeze of fresh lime juice

Ice cubes


… And to garnish

Crushed ice

10 x frozen blueberries

1 x sprig of mint

1 x lime wedge


Add the elderflower cordial, soda water, Bioglan Superfoods Acai + Berry powder and lime juice to a cocktail shaker over a handful of ice cubes and shake to combine.

Serve over a glass of crushed ice and garnish with the frozen blueberries, lime and mint.
Sit back and enjoy! 

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