My 6 Tips Worth… by Wink Lamiroy

So for this months Bioglan Superfoods post, I thought I would share 6 tips with you…


While there might not be any great revelations here or earth shattering discoveries, as with so many things, it’s the little things that make big changes in our lives – A friend of mine recently said that if he improved just 10% in 10 areas of his life … his life would be 100% better – sounds ridiculous but makes sense, right? So here are just a few tips that i have found helpful on a daily basis.






The key message is How to save time… you know, how to save time doing the boring stuff so you have more time to do the fun stuff…


1- Cook once, cook big, cook clever! … This is our family favourite – ‘Life saving tomato sauce‘… I honestly have never met a kid who doesn’t love this sauce- on a bit of spaghetti and you instantly winning. So the deal is, you make a big jug of this sauce and for the next three days you can create three different meals with minimal time in the kitchen and the kicker is the flavour of the sauce gets better and better! Just to get you going – Kale and Eggs for breakfast ( ps – this is wonderful with a spoonful of Bioglan Superfoods Green Boost powder) , then perhaps a delicious tomato soup or a super healthy kale salad with a difference?

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2-  Don’t be an addict! It seems so many people whinge about social media, but personally I’ve had such a positive experience. I think it helps if you chose the social platform that feels right, work out what you would like to achieve and then have fun with it… If it’s not fun and you feel like you are spending hours on Facebook ( a platform i just could not get on with), just scrutinising other peoples lives – then stop! I have found Instagram to be my personal favourite ( but then i do love pictures!), originally created for photographers to showcase their work and to find like-minded folk… the real positive for me has been to find all those interesting souls out there creating thriving little niche businesses that you would never find walking down the high street… The snap above is an example of this idea in action, Raphi wearing Mabelandmo bloomers… I saw her gorgeous creations on Instagram and immediately put in an order… so I guess my tip here is use social media as a tool, and make it work for you, not to waste hours and hours passively looking at other peoples ‘amazing’ lives and consequently feeling left rather empty… like with many things – use it – don’t abuse it.

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3- Quick and Sweet does not need to be bad – … when you get a pang of hunger for something…. just … something – a dainty little bowl of chia pudding and berries, could just hit the spot ! Again to make life easier – and free up some time – make this the night before and leave in the fridge over night. Snack as required-  Easy..

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4- Tiny victories and feeling like you are being thrifty and clever…These dried out orange peels are a wonderful natural fire lighter… absolutely perfect for BBQ season… … less of that nasty fire-lighter flavour and more citrus zest for your grilled creations !!


5- Your time is Yours! Spend more time with the people you love, the ones who really matter, the people who make you happy, the unconditional friendships (eg mum’s – like in this picture)… time is so precious. I heard an expression, “some people are drains and others are fountains” don’t waste time on drains… life’s too damn short. When we focus on actually spending time with people who we want to spend time with rather than those we have to spend time with – it’s amazing how much better life is

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6- Get enough sleep, we’re all nicer people when we are well rested! Putting yourself to bed can be tricky – restlessness, worries and disturbances happen – but this Turmeric milk is a wonderfully calming nightcap… and might just help send you that little bit deeper for that little bit longer –  and on that note… zzzzzzzzz!

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