January Reboot Dos and Don’ts

The heady days of Christmas and New Year’s are long gone, and it’s time for a fresh start. If, like so many others, you’re hoping to launch into 2017 with a spring in your step, you’ve probably been thinking about undertaking some kind of a ‘cleanse’. Follow our dos and don’ts to make sure your new year plays out as a healthy lifestyle you enjoy and not an unsustainable ‘fad’.




  • DO keep hydrated. Drink plenty of H2O to flush out toxins, leaving you feeling lighter, brighter and more energised. Time to get glugging.
  • DO prepare yourself. The prospect of weaning yourself off stimulants like caffeine and sugar might seem daunting, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have a morning pick-me-up. Swap your coffee for a smoothie, superpowered with a spoonful of our Bioglan Superfoods Green Boost Powder, and you’ll get your boost without the post-caffeine slump.
  • DO exercise. Yoga, walking, or spinning – whatever your chosen activity is, upping your exercise will reduce your natural stress hormones, leaving you feeling pretty zen. Our tip: Try a class you’ve never done before – nothing re-energises you like shaking up your routine.




  • DON’T be unrealistic. There’s no point taking on a challenge that’s going to make you miserable, as you’ll end up throwing in the towel and feeling demoralised. Small tweaks that you’ll stick to will make a bigger difference than huge changes you won’t.
  • DON’T deny yourself treats. Our bodies know what they need, and if you’ve got an insatiable sweet tooth, that’s not going to change overnight. Try our Bioglan Superfoods 100% Natural Cacao & Quinoa Raw Bites for a sweet hit which won’t leave you feeling like you’ve fallen off-track.
  • DON’T cut out essential nutrients. Every body is different, but we all need a balance of essential nutrients. If you’re cutting something out, make sure you’re not losing the goodness that went with it. Feeling a little lacklustre? Look to our Bioglan Superfoods Flax and Chia Seeds for a boost of fibre, or a dash of our Bioglan Superfoods 100% Organic Spirulina Powder for protein.


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