How Superfoods Can Improve Your Health by Poppy Cross

One of the great things about being sponsored by Bioglan Superfoods as one of its ‘Superpowered Heroes’ is learning about how it’s superfoods products can greatly improve your health. However I’m certainly not one for faddy diet myths that claim to miraculously transform your health – I need to understand the science and the facts as to why some foods are so beneficial for our health. If the science does support the positive health claim then only then will I jump on the bandwagon. Therefore, before I agreed to work with Bioglan Superfoods I wanted the evidence that its products do what they claim. And happily I’ve found it.


One of my favourite Bioglan Superfoods products is the Chia and Flax mix. It’s so easy to implement these highly nutritious seeds into your diet and the health benefits are significant. First up, let’s look at the main reason as to why flax seeds are so good for us. Flax seeds contain cardioprotective omega-3’s, cholesterol-lowering soluble fiber, and cancer-fighting lignans.  Flax has always been considered so amazing because it has about 100 times more cancer-fighting lignans than any plant in the world. That’s pretty powerful stuff.


As for Chia (the ancient Mayan word for “strength”) seeds they are loaded with fiber, protein, Omega-3 fatty acids and various micronutrients. There high fiber content means chia seeds can absorb up to 10-12 times their weight in water, becoming gel-like and expanding in your stomach Theoretically, this should increase fullness, slow absorption of your food and help you eat fewer calories. Fiber also feeds the friendly bacteria in the intestine, which is crucial for health.


Here’s how I incorporate the chia and flax mix into my life:

  1. I mix one tablespoon in with my smoothies/juices.



The chia and flax make a thicker smoothie and the thicker the smoothie the more satiating and less hungry you may be one, two—even four hours later.  One tablespoon of flaxseeds has been found to significantly suppress appetite and calorie intake. Less hunger, more satiety, more filling, less prospective food intake, meaning if you have a meal two hours after the tablespoon of flax you’ll eat significantly less. All the while cholesterol will also drop. In a study* this happened just one week after about a tablespoon a day.

  1. I sprinkle the chia and flax seeds onto my breakfast.


The chia and flax add more body to the bowl and the chia gives a good crunch whilst keeping hunger locked up till lunch! (Sorry couldn’t resist that ole Kellogs quote.)

  1. I sprinkle the chia and flax onto my salads.


Dr Michael Greger, one of the world’s leading physicians, informs readers of his website that “the fat naturally found in flaxseeds can also help maximize the absorption of fat-soluble phytonutrients. There’s a threshold for optimal absorption that can be reached with just like three walnuts worth of fat; so, if you’re trying to reduce added fats, a green smoothie/salad with some nuts, seeds, or avocado can enable you to take full advantage of the healthiest food on the planet, dark green leafy vegetables.” So by sprinkling the seeds onto my salad or into my green smoothie I’ll be maximising the absorption of fat-soluble phytonutrients.

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