Has Your Food Got Benefits?

Food isn’t just food any more. It’s food with benefits. Example one: a new juice. But not just any juice – a Botanic Lab grapefruit, skin-boosting juice with antioxidant schizandra berries and collagen, co-created by in-demand nutritionist Amelia Freer.

Example two: a morning coffee. But not just any coffee – Bulletproof coffee comes with no milk, but is blended with with a trademarked coconut oil extract and grass-fed butter, which claims to give you incredible energy all morning.

So what is intelligent eating? It’s tailoring your foods to have special effects. So the usual green juice isn’t enough for us now, says Daisy Payne of raw confectionary creators The Hardihood. ‘Now we’ll get a juice because it’ll help detoxify or it’s great for skin or for pregnancy.’ The Hardihood use different superfood powders to make their cakes beautiful colours – but also for their super effects. ‘The green in our chocolate-mint cheesecake is spirulina and wheatgrass,’ says Daisy. ‘Maca and lucuma are the basis of our caramel malt flavour and turmeric makes our lemon cake very lemony yellow.’

Nutritional therapist Eve Kalinik is a big fan of medicinal mushrooms, such as shiitake, being used as tonics. They used to only be available via prescription from Chinese medicine practitioners, but new research on what they do has brought new brands to the high street. ‘People say they stimulate the immune system, but what they do is moderate it,’ says Kalinik.

How to do the trend at home:

*Read up here to find out which superfood blend in the Bioglan range suits what you need. Then just add it to a smoothie (find a recipe here)

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