Do You Need Help Getting Your Kids to Eat Greens?

by Wink Lamiroy

A few of my friends have recently been complaining that their kids are ‘fussy eaters’ and that they find it really hard to get them to eat green veg, and asked if I had any ideas… so for this months Bioglan Superfoods post I thought i’d try a baby food kinda approach*, you know, if you blend pretty much anything with banana it tastes sweet and delicious. We often have this in the morning so that the very first thing my children eat is super cleansing and alkaline on their little systems… so here is what i’ve come up with –  My Super Green Smoothie:

What you will need

  • Frozen ripe bananas
  • Frozen or fresh apples and or pears (i freeze our windfalls in the autumn and use them over the year)
  • Fresh mango
  • Fresh limes
  • Raw organic honey (optional)
  • Bioglan Superfoods Green Boost Powder
  • Fresh spinach (that I forgot to put in the photo… duhhh)
  • Filtered water or coconut water


I’m not going to give you specific quantities because in my opinion that is just not how smoothies (or life) works… my idea of a smoothie is that you use what you have in your fridge, although i do find its always a good idea to have a couple bags full of chopped frozen bananas, berries, pears and apples stocked in the freezer. Put the frozen fruit in the bottom of your high speed blender and finish with your spinach, add enough water to get your preferred consistency. This order seems to work well when blending. I always add a couple of big handfuls of baby spinach, kale – whatever greens are fresh and in season and a heaped tablespoon of Bioglan Green Boost. I sometimes add a tablespoon of raw honey to add a little more sweetness.


Honestly my kids drink glassfuls of spinach without batting an eyelid, actually it helps that Raphi knows that ‘Iron Man’ drinks his greens daily- ‘chlorophyll’ as she points out!!! Also, just a thought, if your child gets eczema its a good idea to blend half a ripe avocado into the smoothie (that is if they are not keen on eating them whole of course) they add a gorgeous creaminess to the smoothie and nobody would know, while they are a wonderful source of vitamin E for sensitive skin.

* Hiding or disguising ingredients – I try as much as possible to make sure my kids know, see and actually help with the ingredients that go into our food – and I know some kids are simply more fussy than others – ours are pretty good – but , for example, Raphi loves the idea of ‘greens’ but hates Avocado – with a passion – but I really think it helps with her dry skin – so on this occasion I may often ‘forget’ to mention that there might be some Avocado in her smoothie – she does not know, loves the drink and I feel like it’s a gamble worth taking.


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I often tend to make way too much of everything as most of my food requires endless chopping and I figure that if I make lots then it will save me time the following day and its amazing how you can create a totally different meal from leftovers. This is one of those moments… our back teeth were swimming after glassfuls of green smoothie so I decided to fill up our ice lolly moulds (I use ‘silikomart‘ ones)… as an experiment – and you know what? They are ahhmazing!! my chicks absolutely love them. Perfect healthy treats on a warm, sunny day…easy.

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