Be a Supernatural Being

The modern focus on what our bodies evolved to do has created a new way of thinking about food and lifestyle: being supernatural.

There’s the rise of the farm shop, farmers’ market, local food assemblies and vegetable boxes, ways to source natural food. Then there’s the more hardcore element: eating ‘paleo’ style, the biggest eating trend in the US and Australia, and doing ‘primal’ exercise. Of course, we can’t go back to hunting and fishing, but the theory is, by making our lives as natural as possible, our bodies will thrive.

Primal movements include walking and running, but also jumping, lifting, climbing, swinging. Katy Bowman, a US biomechanist whose system of restorative exercise helps bodies relearn what they were evolved to do says the first issue is, we all keep still too much. ‘Your body is hungry for movement,’ she says.

While you may not be strictly paleo, you may still be a little bit supernatural. ‘It’s about getting back to the basics really,’ says Irena Macri of Eat, Drink, Paleo (LINK: People eat ‘“real food”, “clean eating” and “low carb high fat”, which all adhere to a very similar eating framework to paleo.’

Supernatural also includes living according to the rhythm of a natural day, going to bed earlier, getting more sleep. ‘You will feel better and have more energy if you adopt even some of the paleo principles,’ says Irena.

Here are the Eat, Drink, Paleo ways to be more supernatural:

  1. Avoid processed sugar and carbohydrates and reduce the amount of grains and legumes you consume.
  2. Stick to the healthier fat options such as olive oil, coconut oil, ghee and butter, avocados, nuts, fish, eggs and coconut milk. Key message: stop being afraid of fat, your body needs it.
  3. Eat more vegetables, especially leafy greens. Your plate should be half full of veggies, raw or cooked.
  4. If you want to get serious about your health, you need more quality sleep. Minimising both psychological and physical stress will help in the snooze department. 
  5. Detoxify your kitchen, have some houseplants, get outdoors away from the urban fumes, use less plastic and opt for more natural cleaning and beauty products.
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