Tofish & Chips

with Super Protein

Forty-Five Minutes

Fish and chips without the fish! The battered tofu using our Super Protein is deliciously light and crispy and of course, high in protein.


1. Preheat the oven and place your chips in the oven to cook while you make the tofish.
2. Drain your tofu and wrap it in kitchen towel with something heavy on top to drain it further. Leave it aside while you make the batter.
3. Mix together the plain flour, cornstarch, salt and Super Protein.
4. Then add the sparkling water and whisk until it’s a smooth batter. If you find it is too runny, add some more plain flour and if it is too thick, add some more sparkling water.
5. Cut the tofu into four slices.
6. Cut the seaweed sheets to cover each tofu slice, pressing it in slightly so it stays in place.
7. Heat the vegetable oil in pan, you need enough that your tofu slices will be covered in the oil.
8. Dip the tofu slices into the batter, turning it around until it is covered on all sides and put it in the hot oil. Fry for 3-4 minutes on each side until golden. Transfer them onto a paper towel to remove excess oil.
9. Serve with chips and enjoy!