Strawberry Frozen Bites

with Superberries

Fifteen Minutes

Enjoy a sweet treat with these super easy to make Strawberry Frozen Bites with our  Superberries blend!


1. Slice your strawberries into quarters and add to your blender, blending until smooth. Add the remaining ingredients – Coconut Yoghurt, Coconut Milk, Maple Syrup, Vanilla Extract, Bioglan Superfoods Superberries and further blend until combined. You can taste and adjust as you like!
2. Pour the mixture into a mold or ice cube tray and freeze overnight until firm.
3. Break the dark chocolate into cubes, add to a saucepan and melt until smooth. Dunk or drizzle your frozen bites into the chocolate and return to the freezer for the chocolate to firm up.
4. Leave for a couple of minutes before serving. Enjoy!