Quinoa & Lentil Salad

with Beauty Protein

Fifteen Minutes

Are you looking for a way to incorporate more protein into your diet? This flavourful quinoa salad is packed with protein, thanks to our Bioglan Superfoods Beauty Protein Blend!


1.Cook the Quinoa accordingly and add to your bowl.
2. Add your frozen shelled edamame into a pan of boiling water and leave to simmer for 6 minutes or until cooked. Whilst simmering chop your green pepper into small pieces and add to your salad bowl.
3. Once the edamame beans are done, pop out of their pods and add to your salad. Followed by the lentils and combine all the ingredients together.
4. To make the dressing, add the tahini, water, soy sauce, red miso paste, onion powder and Bioglan Superfoods Beauty Protein to a mixing bowl and stir until all ingredients are combined.
5. Pour the dressing onto your salad and combine with a handful of spinach.
6. When ready to serve, toss and combine all together and enjoy!