Pesto Supergreens Butterbeans

Pesto Butterbeans

10 Minutes

Are you a fan of the rich, herbal aroma of Italian pesto? Imagine scooping that lush green sauce and blending it with butterbeans and a dash of Bioglan Superfoods Supergreens. The result? Pesto Butterbeans—a dish that not only tantalises your taste buds but also nourishes your body from within.


Heat the olive oil and add the garlic, spinach, basil, Supergreens, nutritional yeast, tahini, lemon and seasoning. Also add in 200g of butter beans with half the liquid from the can. Once cooked, blend together.

Heat 400g of butter beans with 90ml of liquid and pour over the blended pesto mixture.

Top with vegan yoghurt or cream, pine nuts, chili flakes and mixed herbs and serve with bread or toast of your choice.