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5 steps to upgrade your workout

If you’re up for taking your exercise to the next level, Bioglan’s ambassadors have the knowledge

1) Get connected

Switching up your exercise can make you stronger, give you more stamina and make your body more balanced, says Pilates expert Hollie Grant. ‘Follow key blogs and social media profiles of industry insiders, for example,’ she says. ‘If you’re plugged into the industry, you’ll be the first to hear about new workouts and trial them. Being active at this level can be expensive!’

Or try one of the membership systems like ClassPass and Somuchmore, which let you experiment with different boutique studios and classes, without join-up fees. The downside is, you can’t book far in advance, and you can’t book the same class every week. One for the flexible.

2) Try out wearable tech.

You’ve probably already become a little bit addicted to your FitBit, Jawbone or Misfit, to getting regular updates on your PBs and sleep. But in future, tech will be able to help you take your performance to even more of your max. ‘One of the things the new wearable tech coming out will do, is measure your levels of lactate,’ says Hollie. ‘Knowing that will allow you to work out for longer.’ But, she says, although the new tech, with all its add-ons, can be pretty impressive, you don’t have to spend a fortune on it. ‘In the studio, we use Polar Heartrate monitors to tell us how hard clients are working: working at 60% of your max is fat-burning and at 90% will give you a cardio effect, improving your lung capacity and increasing the strength of your heart.’

3) Now work out what works

Write a diary of how you feel after each new class or session. ‘If you’re trying lots of new things, you need to keep checking in with yourself,’ says Hollie. ‘That will allow you to work out which exercise suits you and which you really enjoy – they’re the ones you’re going to stick with.’ Meditation expert Emma Mills agrees. ‘It’s important to stay open and receptive so you know what works when you’ve tried it. Be mindful around your workouts – did you feel wired afterwards, sleep well or badly, feel relaxed?’

4) Eat for energy

Refuel properly after every workout, ideally within 30 minutes. ‘I try and encourage my clients to exercise before a meal so it’s easy to include some protein (free-range eggs or chicken, pulses), maybe with sweet potato, a great high-antioxidant source of carbs, or a quinoa salad with halloumi. If it’s breakfast, poached eggs on a portobello mushroom with spinach. If it’s not, try a snack of two boiled eggs with some vegetables, or a shake made with protein powder or nut butter and superfoods – I like Bioglan Supergreens Cacao Boost.’

Raw confectionary makers The Hardihood make protein balls for a post workout snack. ‘They’re super easy; just add in the superfood powders that best matches what you need. The base is usually varied nuts and/or seeds, then you add a superfood and something to sweeten it a little. One batch generally makes around 12-20 balls, and two or three makes a satisfying snack. We also like to make big superfood balls, which we call boulders, they look really cool. Watch a video on how to make them, here [LINK TO REDONLINE VIDEO].

5) Recover properly

If you’re always doing hardcore exercise, include restorative activities in your routine to counterbalance that. ‘You need rest to get the most out of your exercise,’ says nutritional therapist Eve Kalinik. That means tai chi, yoga, chi gong, Pilates, meditation and massage. Eve has also regularly uses an infra red sauna for relaxation – there are at-home versions and you also find them in some spas. ‘I’m a fan because they help to shift lactic acid after exercise.’